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Japan PPC Case Studies

We have implemented many projects for international clients seeking to initiate and maximize Japanese PPC (Pay Per Click) search ad campaigns. Throughout these projects Wasabi has used its intimate knowledge of the local search market to gain the greatest return on such campaigns. Through careful keyword research and selection, writing of relevant, enticing ad copy we have developed PPC marketing strategies scaled to the client’s needs with strong click-through rates (CTR) and competitive costs per click (CPC). As projects have progressed we have enacted efficiencies to minimize CPC costs while maintaining ad impressions and CTRs.


PPC Case Study 1:

Website Category: Corporate Website
Site Size: Large
Objective: After a change in Yahoo! Japan’s algorithm, the client's Website experienced a dramatic decrease in traffic from search engines. Wasabi’s task was to improve traffic through SEO and help the client gain quality traffic through a PPC campaign.
Result: Through SEO organic search traffic to the site increased 75%. To further increase traffic we also implemented a 16-campaign PPC strategy covering 6,000 keywords, resulting in an additional 90,000 visitors per month. By honing the PPC campaigns we were also able to drastically reduce the average CPC to 8 yen by the end of the project.



PPC Case Study 2

Website Category: Corporate Website
Site Size: Large
Objective: Our client was seeking to increase the cost-effectiveness of its current PPC marketing efforts. Prior to Wasabi's involvement, the client's CPC was over 300 yen. Our role was to improve CTR, reduce CPC and realize other efficiencies for the campaign.
Result: Within four months of managing the account, we reduced our client’s average CPC by 140 yen and increased CTR by over one percentage point. We were also able to increase monthly traffic by 4,000 clicks while simultaneously slashing 2,000,000 yen off the client’s monthly costs.


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