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Japanese SEO Case Studies

Wasabi Communications has a deep understanding of SEO for the Japanese market. Through using exclusively white hat techniques for content optimization and ethical link building, we have successfully implemented many SEO projects for companies seeking to improve their organic search rankings in Japan.


SEO Case Study 1:

Website Category: Real Estate Information Website
Site Size: Medium
Objective: After renewing their Website, the client's traffic from search engines decreased dramatically. Wasabi’s task was to carry out SEO to increase traffic from organic search.
Result: The project saw Wasabi implement an extended SEO strategy for the site over a six-month period. By the end of the project the client's Website had gained high rankings for a broad range of keywords and traffic to the site from organic search had quadrupled.



SEO Case Study 2

Website Category: Corporate Website
Site Size: Large
Objective: The client's Website was experiencing problems with search engine indexation due to dynamic URL issues. Effectively a large portion of the site was hidden from the search engines and hence, potential visitors. Wasabi’s task was to provide SEO services and facilitate the full indexing of the site in major search engines.
Result: By the end of the project, indexation of the site had improved dramatically. From a very small number of indexed pages at the start of the project, Wasabi was able to get over 37,000 pages listed in Google and 22,000 in Yahoo! Japan. Furthermore, the average search result rank of targeted keywords improved from 8.9 to 5.0 with some keywords ranking for the first time.


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