Multilingual Japanese SEO/SEM Services


Agency Partners

As well as working directly with corporate clients, we also work with a number of high-quality international SEM agencies, providing reliable, cost-effective on-the-ground support in Japan. Through our understanding and know-how of the local search market our agency partners gain Japanese SEM capabilities without the need to set up a local presence.

Being a bilingual organization with native Japanese and English speakers we are able to provide you with professional Japanese digital marketing solutions, but with all communications, reporting and assistance in English.

We understand the need for having a continuous, reliable flow of information with our clients and maintain contact with agencies through email and regular conference calls. We are also able to have face-to-face meetings with clients and agencies in Japan, offering a local bridge for our international SEM partners.

Our current partners find us particularly useful in overcoming the linguistic and cultural differences of Japanese SEM, as well as the practical challenges associated with setting up and managing local accounts (such as Yahoo! Japan and directory listing services).

For PPC we offer agencies a range of services including initial set up of accounts, populating accounts with Japanese campaigns, account management and optimization of accounts. We can also offer a range of SEO, SMO, and localization services for agencies seeking to extend their client's reach into the Japanese market.

By working with Wasabi Communications your organization will receive customized services to meet your clients’ marketing needs in Japan in your language.

If your agency is looking to establish Japanese SEM capabilities with a local partner please feel free to contact us for detailed information.
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