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Wasabi Communications is a Tokyo-based multilingual digital marketing agency which has been helping companies around the world successfully enter the Japanese market since 2002. Our niche lies in providing effective online marketing solutions with special emphasis on Japanese Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM/SEO).

With our international in-house team of experienced consultants and extensive network of trusted international partners, we are able to bridge the communication gap often found in global projects and offer professional online marketing solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

Combining our knowledge of online marketing, especially Japan SEO/SEM, along with a deep understanding of the cultural and linguistic hurdles that may arise when doing business in Japan, Wasabi Communications can help your company reach its business objectives in Japan.

We look forward to working with you as your outsourced local online marketing team from right here inside the marketplace.

Japanese Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services

We work closely with our clients to provide highly customized SEO/SEM solutions and support depending on their needs in Japan. With a thorough understanding of the Japanese online market and multi-lingual specialists, Wasabi Communications gives you the expertise on the ground in Japan, as well as reporting and consulting in your language. Our services cover the full spectrum of Japanese SEO/SEM services and can support companies at all stages of their marketing strategies in Japan. Our services include:

Please feel free to contact us to find out how our tailor-made Japanese web marketing solutions can help maximize your ROI in the Japanese market.
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