The Japanese Market

Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy with a population of 127 million people.

The country has a strong reputation for innovation and quality, while also being recognized as a trendsetter in a number of industries from automotive to fashion.

For these reasons and more, Japan is typically seen as an attractive country for investment, especially for international companies hoping to tap into its lucrative consumer market. However, the Japanese market also poses many challenges for non-Japanese due to a unique culture and way of doing business that is at times both wholly foreign and nearly impenetrable.

At Wasabi Communications we are a team of experienced marketing professionals with international backgrounds who can help guide your organization through the ins and outs of the Japanese market while communicating with you and your team in a language that is more comfortable for you.

Japanese Market Entry Consulting

In addition to assisting with initial market entry consulting services, we also offer bespoke marketing consultation and digital solutions to continue supporting you and your brand after your successful Japanese market entry.