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Japanese SEO

Running Japanese pay-per-click (PPC), or paid search, campaigns can be a challenge, both structurally and linguistically. For a start, Japan’s PPC market differs considerably from most other major markets. Yahoo! Japan dominates the local search market with Google in second place. Together they make up 90% of all searches. As a consequence, to maximize the reach of your PPC campaign the budget split should emphasize Yahoo! Japan followed by Google. Differences in language and culture also affect campaign development. Simple translation of your current keywords and ad copy will not be an effective strategy in Japan – localization to the expressions and nuances of Japanese is necessary to gain best results. For this, you need to identify the best keywords to target and develop compelling ad copy for the Japanese audience.

Wasabi’s Japanese PPC Services

We have over 10 years experience in Japanese PPC management and offer comprehensive services for planning, developing and managing successful paid search campaigns. Whether you need a specialized local partner to manage the entire PPC process, initial support in establishing and populating your PPC accounts, or consulting on how to optimize your current campaigns, we are here to help.
Our PPC capabilities include:

  • Campaign planning and budgeting
  • Keyword research
  • Effective ad copy writing
  • Initial account creation for Yahoo! Japan and Google Japan
  • Populating accounts with campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads
  • Account management, results tracking and reporting
  • PPC account optimization

We also provide guideline writing, SEO and PPC training services to support your in-house teams.

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