Multilingual Japanese SEO/SEM Services


Japanese SEO

Wasabi Communications specializes in Japanese search engine optimization (SEO) services. We have a deep understanding of the linguistic, cultural and technical differences that affect SEO when localizing your site for the Japanese market. For example, while Yahoo! Japan has the largest search market share in Japan, Google actually powers Yahoo! Japan's search engine. Utilizing our expertise and knowledge we perform deep analysis of your Web site and offer services and consulting so your site follows best practices for Japanese SEO.

Website SEO Audit

For any SEO project, having a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing site is essential in order to draw an effective plan. Our standard Website analysis consists of SEO level check, keyword audit and competitor analysis. We also offer content review services to ensure your site is properly localized.

Japanese SEO Services

Based on the results of the analysis we provide tailor-made SEO solutions. Our team has a deep understanding of how search works in Japan and the cultural nuances that may affect SEO. These services can be performed by our team, or we can provide instruction for your in-house team.

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