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Japanese SEO

Link building is a vital component of any extended SEO strategy. Through developing quality links to your site from reputable, relevant sources, you can significantly improve your Website's search engine rankings. However it requires hard work, perseverance and care to implement a solid link building strategy. You also need to be wary of what practices are acceptable to search engines to avoid unintentionally penalizing your site's rankings through using tactics considered unethical.

Wasabi's Approach to Link Building

Wasabi Communications uses exclusively white hat techniques for link building and SEO. While companies offering grey or black hat SEO solutions (whether intentional or not), may deliver a short-term boost in rankings, we firmly believe that our white hat approach is a much sounder long-term investment.

Our services include paid and free directory submissions, link development through direct contact with owners of well-regarded sites, press release production & distribution and content syndication. We deliver a customized solution for each client through deep consultation of their business focus in Japan, followed by thorough research of the best linking solutions for that focus.

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