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Japanese Website Localization

Developing Websites for local markets is an involving process. Japan can be particularly challenging for overseas companies because you will not only be dealing with linguistic differences and cultural nuances, but also the design preferences of Japanese consumers, which can have a dramatic impact on your site's performance.

For localization of content, having skilled native Japanese staff or a competent outsourcing company is imperative. The Japanese audience is particularly sensitive to inaccuracies and awkward expressions that may arise from directly translating the content without informed adjustments to the local market's preferences. Special consideration also needs to be given to determining which forms of expression will work for SEO and visitors, and what registers of language to use and where (from colloquial to respectful honorifics).

Website presentation is similarly crucial in Japan as the market has quite a unique design aesthetic. In general, sites tend to have much less white space, appearing much "busier" with numerous bite-sized pieces of information placed throughout the page. There are also different design conventions depending on the type of page that is being created . As a consequence, developing effective digital layouts in Japan requires the use of particular arrangements with differing combinations of text snippets, visual highlights, graphics and animations designed to steer users towards site's goals. Creating a Website without taking these local conventions into account will tend to have a significant affect on conversions.

Our Localization Services

Wasabi Communications' international team of specialists has extensive experience with helping customers develop and optimize their site for the Japanese market. We are deeply conversant with what works in the Japanese online market and can offer a range of options to help ensure that your Website is not only properly optimized for Japanese search engines, but also geared towards the target audience. Our localization services include:

  • Japanese Website Contents Review
  • Japanese Website Development & Management
  • Translation and Localization of Content

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