The Importance of a Localized Messaging Strategy

Your brand’s messaging strategy is an important part of your identity and often serves as a major differentiating factor.

When expanding into a new market with a totally different culture and customers who speak a totally different language, however, extra care must be taken to ensure your messaging will resonate, while still remaining true to your brand and its values.

In marketing and branding, a straight one-to-one, literal translation of your brand’s messaging into Japanese will never be as effective as a localized translation of your messaging. This is because localized messaging for business requires a different skillset more akin to copywriting than simple translation. In other words, localized messaging not only takes into account nuance and word choice, but also builds on a deep understanding of your business and core values.

This is where Wasabi’s 15+ years of experience helping international clients enter the Japanese market comes in. We can work with you to craft a messaging strategy for your brand specifically catered to a Japanese audience while ensuring it is aligned with your brand’s global messaging strategy.

To find out more about how we can help you refine your messaging for the Japanese market, contact us to schedule a call or in-person meeting at our Tokyo office: