Social Media Advertising

In many ways social media has come to resemble traditional communication channels such as television and newspapers. What was once a revolutionary, new way for people to interact and connect with one another facilitated by the internet has become a major part of our everyday lives.

Businesses, who eventually came to embrace social media following their customers’ lead, have experienced an additional change from the early days of social media. In the face of falling organic reach and engagement on many platforms, businesses that utilize social media as an important element of their marketing are coming to rely more and more on social media advertising to grow awareness of their brand and drive traffic to their website or online store.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

The first benefit of social media advertising is that it will afford your business greater reach than by relying solely on the low organic reach provided by most social networks today. This means more potential customers and users can be introduced to your business, brand, or product. Selecting the right platform, or mix of platforms, to reach your customers and convey your brand’s message then is an important decision for your organization. As nearly all social media services offer paid advertising options, evaluating the suitability as well as the ROI of social media advertising depends not only on your industry, but also on your unique business situation and specific objectives.

The real value, in social media advertising, however lies in greater targeting and attribution models. While television, for example, has a tremendous amount of reach, the ability to target a very specific demographic or group of people is less refined than with social media. Using paid social advertisements, you will be able to focus your marketing and advertising on potential customers, based on a number of criteria and metrics, in order to hone in on individuals who are more likely to be interested in and receptive to your message.

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