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Like other countries, social media plays a major role in Japanese online life. Japan’s largest local social network, Mixi, had around 14.5 million monthly active users (MAUs) as of June 2012. The landscape is rapidly changing with Facebook expanding rapidly since the beginning of 2011, reaching 14 million MAUs by August 2012. Microblogging site, Twitter, had around 35 million users in Japan in June 2012 according to Semiocast. These sites, together with blog communities, video-sharing sites, gaming networks all offer great opportunities for online marketers in Japan.

However, social media in Japan also represents many challenges. For example, Mixi currently requires new users to have a Japanese phone number to register, which may be a barrier for international companies without a physical presence in Japan. Also, the way people use social media varies in Japan. Facebook, with its real name requirement, tends to be a more formal space, while Mixi’s anonymity tends to facilitate freer expression. Another point of difference can be found with Twitter, where the 140 character limit actually allows for a great deal of information to be expressed using Japanese kanji (characters).

Wasabi’s Japanese SMO Services

Wasabi Communications can help you make the most of these online marketing opportunities with its deep understanding and knowledge of Japan’s social media landscape. We work individually with each client to develop unique, creative and effective social marketing strategies. Through an understanding of your needs and our own in-depth local knowledge we can help you to establish, develop and maintain a potent presence in Japanese social media.

We can assist in setting up accounts, establishing and maintaining community pages, producing content such as announcements and developing targeted promotion campaigns.

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