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Japanese SEO

After developing SEO and PPC strategies to generate traffic to your Website, the critical question becomes what happens after the click. Measurement and analysis of how your visitors interact with your site is one of the most important, yet often underutilized components of any marketing program.

Analytics tools provide you with the means for collecting, measuring and analyzing traffic on your Website, allowing you to identify trends and make informed decisions on how to enhance performance in order to achieve your site’s goals – be they increasing page views per visit, improving conversion rates, developing more leads, and/or generating more sales.

Wasabi’s Web Analytics Services

Full usage of analytics is still relatively uncommon in Japan (although it is changing) and, due to the language differences, finding a partner who can provide professional, multilingual analytics support for Japanese sites can be a challenge.

Wasabi Communications understands this and can help by providing guidance and support for you to make the most of your site’s analytics needs. We also work with clients’ existing analytics setups when implementing SEO and PPC strategies to ensure that data collection is maximized on their systems.

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