Your privacy is importance to us. This notice explains our procedures and policies to protect your personal information when using our site (

1. Regarding collection of personal information
Prior to obtaining a visitor’s personal information, we clearly announce that we will collect the information, explain the purposes for which the information will be used, and request your consent.

2. How we use of personal information
We only use personal information for the purposes stated when the visitor consents to providing the information. We do not use this information outside these expressed purposes.

3. We do not share personal information with third parties
No personally identifiable information shall be shared with third parties, except when we are legally obliged in accordance with the laws of Japan.

4. Implementation of measures to protect your personal information
Our company has undertaken a range of measures to ensure the protection of visitors’ personal information from loss, alteration, unlawful access, etc.

5. Visitors wishing to make inquiries regarding their personal information
We respect visitors’ concerns regarding personal information entrusted to us, and will respond to queries from visitors on any issues related to personal information they have provided us.

6. Revisions of this privacy policy
We may make revisions to the implementation of this policy and the protection of private information in our company, in accordance with changes in law, social environment, etc.

7. Disclosure of our privacy policy
Our privacy policy and amendments made to it will be displayed on our company Website in a manner which can be accessed and viewed by all visitors.

8. Regarding Cookies, SSL and Access Logs.
Currently we do not use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), but when available we will announce it on this page (Privacy Policy page). Our company uses Cookies and maintains an access log of visitors to the site used for statistical purposes. The access log records statistical information such as how the site was accessed, provider name, domain name, IP address, and access time. The access log does not collect any personally identifiable information and is not shared with any third parties.

* Note that this privacy policy is limited to our Website ( Our Website may contain links to third party sites deemed of interest to visitor, which are not subject to Wasabi Communications’ privacy policy. Should you visit any sites outside ours, it is recommended that you read their respective privacy and cookie policies.